Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ugly As Hell

It all started when my dumb dad's sperm and my mom's useless eggs combined together. Baka lasing yung tatay ko when that happened and tipsy na yung mga sperms nya. And yeah, me happened.

As a kid shempre laro ka lang ng laro. And people wouldnt even call you ugly since almost everyone are nice at kids (wont call you ugly in your face haha). Tapos lumobo ako. Wow sikat ka nga sa school kasi shempre kasali sa Student Council but fuck, how did I ever grew up being so darn dumb. People are even calling me gay and ugly in my face but ako ngiti lang. Sana lumaki nalang ako na warfreak so I can beat the crap out of them.

Yeah. Siguro most people who will remember me from Elementary to HS will describe me as gay, geek, and ugly. Well some even ask me my gender. I mean what the fuck? Did you even realize how rude was that? I mean ganun ba talaga ako kapangit para di nila malaman ang gender ko? Some even though I am a darn LESBIAN. WHAT THE FUCK!?

I grew up envy'ing my family's darn perfectly formed molecules. Almost everyone in my family eh magaganda at gwapo. And im the scum of the family. Mga napag-iwanang sperms and eggs ng magulang ko siguro. Pango, mukang lesbian daw, ano pa ba?

Maybe I will end up like that 40-yr old Virgin? Hehe.. I liked someone once but she's so darn beautiful so I know na... mas mababa ang level ko sa kanya hehe. I always end up being a friend-material. Ganun ata talaga ako. I will just end up being a friend of a girl kasi that's what I really am siguro.

I am sick and tired of being called gay and ugly. But what can I do? Ganun na talaga itsura ko and. And how I move siguro (imagine growing up with all female in the house). I mean nakakatawa minsan na nakaka-asar kasi people are like whispering something against me and I CAN HEAR WHAT THEY ARE SAYING. Sana sinabi nalang sa mukha ko diba?

So to anyone who will come across to this blog. Magpasalamat kayo you ddnt grew up like me.

Ugly as Hell.